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Dr. Bidair is very caring, knowledgeable and thorough. You’re in great hands with him and his entire team.

Christian A. | May 29, 2023

Neil K. | May 20, 2023
Very nice staff and clean office , easy to contact and very nice and professional Doctor .

REZA K. | May 15, 2023
I can't express enough gratitude to Dr. Bidair for his expert work on circumcisions revisions (as well as a revised frenuloplasty). He is a very reputable doctor who genuinely cares about his patients and is aware of their aesthetic needs. He described everything he was doing throughout the surgery and made sure I was at ease at all times. He provided comprehensive guidelines for maintaining a clean and healthy penis after surgery. Even weeks after the procedure, he is quite receptive to his emails. For any procedure (especially circumcision), I would highly advise you to seek out Dr. Bidair. You can rest certain that you are in capable and secure hands. Dr. Bidair's abilities are truly in line with his confidence. In contrast to Dr. Bidair, other urologists gave me an uncomfortable feeling and they didn't seem to have any faith in their ability to provide a good service as it relates to the penile aesthetics (some don't even care about what it would look like at the end). It only takes one big mistake to ruin or "botch" one's manhood which happened to my previous circumcision. I only wish he performed my first circumcision. Thank you again Dr. Bidair!

Jeff B. | May 09, 2023
Staff are patient and understanding even when dealing with an anxious adult.

Alika L. | May 07, 2023
Very comfortable and quick but with care.

Haskell A. | May 04, 2023

Ben K. | Apr 28, 2023
Dr Bidair does such a great job making me feel like I can talk to him about my health concerns without judgment. He’s always the best!

Carlton T. | Apr 25, 2023
Seemed to go well

Cary E. | Apr 21, 2023
5 / 5 
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