Why Might a Man Have a Curved Penis?

Curved penis

The penis doesn’t necessarily follow a strict standard when it comes to how it’s shaped. A slight curve is considered entirely normal and doesn’t require any follow-up. However, if the curve is severe or has become uncomfortable, it could be cause for concern. A curved penis may not be anything to be ashamed of, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it, either.

Why Might a Man Have a Curved Penis?

The reasons a man might have a curved penis don’t always lead to disease. Here are a few reasons that may explain the shape:

  • Birth abnormalities: There may be development issues of either the erectile or the fibrous tissues. This is typically not painful and poses no health risks for the person.
  • Injury: If the penis has been traumatized, this can cause the tissues to bend. This type of curvature may resolve itself over time.
  • Hypospadias: This condition affects the top of the penis. Instead of the urinary opening being located on the tip, it develops on the shaft’s underside, which can cause curving.
  • Peyronie’s disease: This condition refers to excess scar tissue buildup in the penis. The scar tissue could be due to an injury, though it should be noted that people without any type of obvious cause can still have it.

Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease 

Peyronie’s disease is typically treated with medications that can reduce pain, improve blood flow, and reduce swelling and plaque. If the curve isn’t causing any pain or interfering with sexual activities, then a doctor may choose to simply monitor rather than treat the problem.

Find Out More About How to Treat a Curved Penis 

The staff at Atlas Men’s Clinic understands that not all curved penises are a cause for treatment. However, we do encourage all men to at least get the issue looked at, particularly if it’s causing pain, affecting sexual performance, or impacting self-esteem. Contact one of our four locations in Los Angeles (323-677-2013), Bakersfield (661-443-3375), San Diego (619-932-4461), and Orange (714-667-1000), CA. We make it convenient for anyone looking for more answers. Make an appointment by calling or filling out this contact form.

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