What’s Causing Your Low T?

low t

From regulating your muscle mass, strength, and fat distribution to playing a vital role in the sex drive of men, testosterone is an essential hormone that the body uses. However, there are countless factors that can cause an imbalance in one’s hormones, and that is especially true of low T.

Here are a few common causes of low T in men:


When it comes to men who experience low testosterone, the most common cause is the natural process of aging. Once a man turns 30, estimates show that testosterone production can drop off by as much as 1% each year thereafter. And though this is natural, there are a variety of reasons why you’d want to stave off low T later in your life.

Alcohol Abuse

The abuse of alcohol and heavy alcohol consumption, in general, can also leave men with low T. This is because alcohol can have a negative impact on the way your brain functions in relation to the production and distribution of hormones and can result in lower levels of testosterone over time and with continued alcohol usage. Alcohol abuse can also sometimes cause damage to cells within the testes, where testosterone is produced.

Metabolic Disorders

Insulin resistance, adverse Lipid profiles, and diabetes, in general, could also be the root cause of your low T. This is because your testosterone, insulin levels, and blood sugar are all heavily intertwined—those with diabetes, higher insulin resistance, and other blood sugar issues are more likely to have low T, and vice versa. Metabolic disorders associated with the onset of obesity can also have an adverse effect on testosterone levels in men.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea 

Similarly to the way alcohol can obstruct your brain’s ability to handle the production of hormones, poor sleep can also impede this process. Sleep problems like poor REM sleep, insufficient deep sleep, and frequent nighttime wake-ups—all of which are commonly experienced by those with obstructive sleep apnea—can lead to a decrease in testosterone in men.

Find Your Low Testosterone Treatment at Atlas Men’s Clinic

Knowing the cause of low T is just half the battle. Your next step is to find the low T treatment you need at Atlas Men’s Clinic so that you can get your body back on track. Under the care of their next-level men’s health doctors, patients like you have found the help they need throughout the greater LA area in San Diego (619-932-4461), Bakersfield (661-443-3375), Orange (714 667-1000), and Los Angeles, CA (323-677-2013).

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