Ways That Peyronie’s Disease Can Be Treated

peyronie's disease

Ensuring that your body works as it should isn’t just a physical health issue but also a mental health issue. Whether your Peyronie’s disease is causing you physical discomfort and pain, undue mental stress, and anxiety, or a combination of the two, there are treatment options available to you that could have you feeling at home in your body once again.

Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Medication

First and foremost, in the case that Peyronie’s disease causes you pain, prescription and over-the-counter pain medications will likely be given to you. This will not only help to reduce the pain you experience, but it will also serve to combat inflammation, a prime source of that discomfort. However, if you aren’t experiencing any pain due to Peyronie’s disease, there are other anti-inflammatory treatment options.

Anti-inflammatory medicines like Colchicine may be prescribed in conjunction with or in place of the pain medications mentioned above. The anti-inflammatory properties will function to reduce excessive swelling that can cause discomfort when erect.

Tadalafil and Vitamin Prescriptions

Inflammation and swelling aren’t the only troubles that can come along with Peyronie’s disease. Proper blood flow may also present itself as an issue, which is why Tadalafil—a standard treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED)—is often used to improve your body’s blood flow to the penis. Likewise, vitamins like potassium amino-benzoate can also enhance any blood flow issues by helping to reduce any plaque that may be a present symptom of your Peyronie’s disease.


If you have been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, but the curvature of your penis isn’t causing you any pain, the most common approach is to simply “wait and watch”—as Peyronie’s disease may not actually disrupt your day-to-day life in any meaningful way. However, the above treatment options may not be enough if you are experiencing pain from the more uncomfortable symptoms. If that is the case, then you may be administered a variety of penis injections which will work to control the scarring and swelling that is causing you pain.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment at Atlas Men’s Clinic

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