Sexual Wellness Exams: a Closer Look at the Most Common FAQ


sexual wellness exam has a number of negative connotations, but there is no reason to let an exam of this nature become a stressful experience. Medical professionals will only ask the most necessary questions and are not looking to dig into your personal business. The following questions are among the most frequently asked during a sexual wellness exam. Let’s dive in so you can be better prepared.

What Is a Sexual Wellness Exam?

A sexual wellness exam, or check-up, is a comprehensive medical examination that focuses on assessing an individual’s sexual health. It involves discussions about sexual history, practices, and concerns, as well as physical examinations and relevant tests to ensure overall well-being.

When Should You Seek a Sexual Wellness Exam?

It’s recommended to schedule a sexual wellness exam annually or as advised by your healthcare provider. Regular check-ups are crucial for the early detection and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, as well as for addressing any concerns related to sexual function or reproductive health.

Are Sexual Wellness Exams Only for Those With Symptoms?

No, sexual wellness exams are not only for individuals experiencing symptoms or issues. Regular check-ups are essential for preventive care and early detection of potential concerns. Many STIs may not present noticeable symptoms initially, making routine screenings crucial for timely intervention.

How Can I Prepare for a Sexual Wellness Exam?

Preparing for a sexual wellness exam involves being open and honest with your healthcare provider. Compile a list of questions or concerns you may have and be prepared to discuss your sexual history, including the use of protection and any previous STIs. It’s essential to communicate openly to ensure that the healthcare provider can provide the most accurate guidance and support.

Schedule Your Sexual Wellness Exam

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