How Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Sexual Health

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You may already be aware of the major role that regular exercise plays, such as improving brain health, managing weight and achieving muscle, reducing risks of many different diseases, and aiding in feelings of anxiety or depression. But did you know it can also be beneficial for your sexual health?

Exercise has been shown to provide many benefits in improving sexual health in men. Learn how adding a workout to your daily routine can help you.

Lower Risk of ED

Research has found that physical activity and ED are linked and that the more someone exercises, the less likely they are to develop ED.

The National Institutes of Health reported that 160 minutes of exercise weekly—approximately 23 minutes per day—for six months can decrease erectile problems in men with ED due to physical inactivity.

It is thought that because exercise helps open the arteries and support blood flow, it can benefit blood flow to the penis and improve erections. However, it’s important not to overtrain, as some research has found that this can lead to lower testosterone levels.

Improve Symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

BPH is a condition where a person develops an enlarged prostate, leading to symptoms such as the urge to urinate frequently, a weak stream when urinating, low libido, and trouble getting and keeping an erection.

However, being physically active has been shown to reduce the development of BPH and minimize symptoms. Exercising for about 30 minutes a few days a week is recommended.

What Types of Exercise Is Best for Improving Sexual Health?

Each type of exercise can pose different benefits to your sexual health.

  • Weightlifting: Weightlifting has been shown to increase testosterone and decrease the risk of muscle loss–common with low testosterone.
  • Yoga: In addition to keeping your body healthy and improving flexibility, yoga can increase pelvic floor control and stamina.
  • Cardio: Cardio can reduce stress and anxiety, increase libido, and improve erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow.

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