May 2024

A doctor talking to a man about performing a testicular self-exam.

How To Perform a Testicular Self-Exam

A testicular self-exam plays a pivotal role in detecting testicular cancer early, significantly enhancing treatability and outcomes. Understanding the importance of these exams is crucial. Testicular cancer, when caught early, can often be treated effectively. By incorporating self-exams into your monthly routine, you take an active step toward monitoring your health. This simple and quick procedure […]

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A man talking to a doctor about erectile dysfunction treatment

How Do I Deal With Erectile Dysfunction?

How do I deal with erectile dysfunction (ED)? It’s a question many ask. Understanding ED is the first step. Erectile dysfunction isn’t just about sexual performance; it’s a common condition affecting millions. It doesn’t reflect your masculinity or values. ED’s causes are diverse, ranging from physical health challenges and psychological stress to lifestyle habits. It’s okay

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